Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Joe Hockey defends the culture of entitlement, which he opposes

On Radio National today:

"We don’t support blanket cuts because the Government has determined that’s the way they are going to do it... There are a million Australians earning $24,000 or less that have private health insurance. I don’t see that as middle class and they’re overwhelmingly people who are trying to pay their way in their older years. The changes to the Baby Bonus are not means tested changes, they’re just blanket changes. So, frankly, I think the suggestion that it is about middle class welfare is actually inaccurate, because they are widespread cuts, but there’s no sense in it"

At the Institute of Economic Affairs, London, 17 April:

"The entitlements bestowed on tens of millions of people by successive governments, fuelled by short-term electoral cycles and the politics of outbidding your opponents are, in essence, undermining our ability to ensure democracy, fair representation and economic sustainability for future generations... The age of unlimited and unfunded entitlement to government services and income support is over. It’s as over in Greece as it is in Italy, in Spain, and in the USA."


kymbos said...


Marek said...

A million Australians earning $24,000 or less have private health insurance? Really? what do there partners earn?

Marcus said...

Like his mate, Tony, Joe "Eleventy Billion" Hockey is being deliberately dishonest. He knows full well that the PHI rebate doesn't start to cut out until a single person starts earning more than $83,000 per year. So why he's banging on about people earning less than $24,000 is anyone's guess. It's just the Tories defending Upper Class entitlements by feigning compassion for the working poor (the same working poor whose tax cuts the Coalition opposed). Of course, if the Health Insurers keep their premium increases at or below the rate of inflation, then no-one on low incomes will see any increase in their total premiums!

Anonymous said...

Marek, I think you are being misogynistic! Are you sure you don't mean parents?!

Perhaps what he is saying is that it is the end of non-means tested entitlements.

Perhaps he is advocating a gradual tightening of the screws.

Perhaps I'm being generous.

I think the first remark was party line, the second was his.

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