Monday, August 13, 2012

How Australia compares on tax, graphically

Nifty, hey?

To be like the rest of the OECD we need

. less company tax

. more consumption tax

. more tax in total

From this year's ANU F.H Gruen Lecture by Rob Heferen, executive director Treasury Revenue Group.

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Damien Miller said...

How is our economy doing relative to the rest of the OECD? Do we really want to emulate them?

Peter Martin said...


Marek said...

+1 to Damien's comment. Perhaps they should be more like us?

I never understand what's so great about the OECD, G8, Euro zone and all the other strange groupings we get compared to.

Peter Martin said...

Whether we like it or not we are getting more like the OECD, G8 and Euro zone.

We are aging. We will need more tax.

Jovial Monk said...

Do need to increase imcome tax revenue: Costello cut far too much, unsustainably much in the credit fuelled spending boom 2001-7. Swanny done a great job removing middleclass welfare and other wasteful spending but time has come to look at personal income tax—it is much more stable than GST and company tax, help fund Gonski, NDIS and boosting Newstart allowance.

Marek said...

Perhaps we do need more tax but at the moment we seem to have billions of dollars to spend locking up a few thousand boat people

What we do need is more realistic(or perhaps honest?)expectations on what we expect from our governments

wilful said...

The scales on that spider graph are potentially biased. Makes our company tax rate look extreme.

Damien Miller said...

What about the tax on capital? How does Australia compare to the OECD on CGT?

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