Saturday, June 18, 2011

"Less tax than nothing. An interesting concept."

Laura Tingle's Friday column has been let out - unpaywalled!

It's about Twiggy Forrest.


The Lorax said...

Miners get rich while you struggle.

Now it turns out they don't even pay any tax!

Abbott is madly trying to pin the blame for the slowdown in non-mining Australia on the carbon tax. Lets pin the blame where it belongs -- on the mining boom.

If mainstream Australia has to endure high interest rates and a record high exchange rate, while miners reap a one-off bonanza from resources that belong to all Australians, we should at the very least be taxing the bejesus out of the b*stards. We should resurrect the RSPT, we have a sovereign wealth fund, we should do all those things. Maybe we should think about leaving some coal in the ground instead madly trying to put as much into the atmosphere as fast as possible.

Its time the media took the RBA to task about this 'boom'. It might be happening in north-west WA, but it ain't happening where it counts, in the big population centres of Eastern Australia.

We don't need more apologists for the mining industry telling us how great we're all getting it. I lost my breakfast over Gittins yesterday.

Its tough out there.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this article Peter. Andrew Forrest clearly has absolutely no credibility, not unlike some other mining executives. The government was simply pathetic in caving in to these people against the interests of the rest of the nation.

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