Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Steve Keen to walk to Kosciuszko April 15 - 23

Sponsor him at keenwalk.com.au

CBD has the story:

"Never one to shy away from the glare of the media, the University of Western Sydney's Steve Keen has launched a website to promote his forthcoming ascent of Australia's tallest peak, Mount Kosciuszko.

Keen is required to scale the hill as a result of losing his bet with the Macquarie economist Rory Robertson on the direction of house prices.

But rather than accept the victory of his more bullish opponent, it appears the professor is trying to muster the biggest gathering of market bears in Australian economic history. He has already coined the event ''Walking Against Australia's Property Mania.''

Keen will start his 224-kilometre walk from Parliament House in Canberra on April 15, and aside from a documentary crew, his girlfriend and a masseuse, he hopes to be accompanied by some of the 3000-odd members of his Debtwatch blog.

''I know I'm not the only person in Australia who regards our house prices as crazy - not to mention economic policy which has become beholden to maintaining the property bubble,'' says Keen on his website keenwalk.com.

Keen hopes to cover about 30 kilometres a day. At least some good will come of the walk. While he plans to use the event to highlight his views, the walk will raise money for the charity Swags for Homeless."

Here's the ABC's story.

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Chris of Adelaide said...

Is this guy an economist or a politician? Be wary of academics who engage in publicity stunts like this. There was a study which showed that the most vocal experts are most likely to be incorrect in their predictions (sorry can't point to source but a bit of googling should be able to dig it up).

Anonymous said...

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derrida derider said...

Chris is doing Steve Keen an injustice here. Regardless of what you think of his economic analyses, they - not self-seeking publicity - are his main interest. He's no media tart.

gbroughto said...

heard him on 702 in Sydney this morning with Adam Spencer. If Keen walks as fast he talks, its going to take him a lot less than 8 days...

carbonsink said...

Why does Australia celebrate rising house prices?

Surely it just worsens the already tragic state of housing affordability, and drives a wedge between the haves and have-nots. Shouldn't we be aiming for a German style property market where house prices rise gradually and steadily, and yields are reasonable. Instead we inflict 20% pa capital growth on home buyers (and yields of <4% on investors) all supported by government and loudly cheered by the media.

Its insane.

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