Thursday, February 11, 2010

So who’s getting the jobs?

Extra jobs since October, trend

Unemployment rate, seasonally adjusted

Victoria +41,900 5.3%
Western Australia +12,000 5.0%
Queensland +10,500 5.5%
NSW +10,100 5.6%
South Australia +7,500 4.4%
Tasmania +400 5.2%

ABS Labour Force, Australia January 2010

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Roger Wegener said...

Great - but what sort of jobs are they? Are they permanent high skilled knowledge based jobs - or are they mostly low skill insecure servant jobs at less than $20 bucks an hour? It does matter.

Peter Martin said...

Many are temporary construction jobs - details tomorrow

Anonymous said...

Vic flying because of first home grants. total $32k/$25k grants for new builds the last half of 09. all these orders are now being constructed. A massive hangover for Vic will arrive late 2010.

carbonsink said...

But the RBA says Victoria will be left behind as the great Aussie resources boom continues forever. This suggests Victorians are employed building overpriced houses they don't need because people will head west as soon as the stimulus sugar ends.

Does anyone know why the Melbourne property market took off last year, and why 4x as many jobs were created in Vic than any other state?

Peter Martin said...

I think the RBA's point is that Vic will be left behind as resources and investment flood to the mining states.

But that's only starting to happen.

Why Vic has done so well lately relative to the rest of Australia is a mystery - but outsized population growth would have had something to do with it.

Chris of Adelaide said...

NSW is seriously under performing.

A population 7 times the size of SA but only 2,500 more jobs gained. What the hell are people doing over there? Or on the flipside, where did all the jobs in SA come from?

Peter Martin said...

There's something odd in the SA figures, at the risk of stating the obvious

carbonsink said...

David Llewellyn-Smith hints at why Victoria is growing so rapidly

On the economic front, Tim Colebatch of The Age notes that “...if the Bureau of Statistics is right, two-thirds of all jobs created in Australia in the past year – 95,000 out of 141,000 – were generated in Victoria. Alternatively, if two part-time jobs equal one full-time job, then Victoria has added 69,000 full-time jobs while the rest of Australia lost 31,000.” This is no surprise to this column, which sees the twin pillars of stimulus spending and immigration policy as the key drivers of Australian growth through the GFC. An efficient Victorian bureaucracy and strong population growth has construction going nuts in schools and homes. As Colebatch points out, “in the year to January, Victoria added 94,600 jobs, yet Queensland added 3600 and WA 2900.” It wasn’t China, it was the government.

Seems like the Vics are more efficient at handing out the stimulus sugar than other states. If the RBA's vision for Quarry Australia plays out, this spells disaster ahead for the Victorian construction/real estate sector, and the people and money move west.

But don't stop cheering Pete :)

Peter Martin said...

I think you're right carbonsink.

Something has to explain why NSW is attracting so few new jobs.

The efficiency of its government - at doing anything - is a reasonable explanation.

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