Monday, February 22, 2010

Godwin Gretch's house is for sale - check out the inside!

It's well-appointed.

As Jessica Wright notes in the Canberra Times, according to the listing ''the love and attention to detail will become evident once you have inspected this home ... our instructions are to sell''.

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Chris of Adelaide said...

Holy sh*t. Nice crib! Mr Gretch evidently wishes he was born in an earlier age. Even the Queen would be impressed.

carbonsink said...

Clearly Godwin had a taste bypass.

But Pete, isn't it time to stop banging on about Gretch, OzCar etc? Its ancient history. The media campaign achieved its aim of destroying Turnbull's leadership, and look what we have now! A denialist opposition, the CPRS on the nose, and rising denialism in the community.

You reap what you sow.

Peter Martin said...

I think the CPRS might be about to get through.

Grog said...

A bit harsh to have a go at a guy's house, Peter

derrida derider said...

Sorry, but as an honest public servant who tries to serve Australia I find it hard to forgive Grech.

He sustained a pattern of calculated deceit and corruption to feed a shaky ego, and did a lot of damage (Rudd simply won't trust the APS now - who can blame him? - with consequent deterioration of policy).

It's only through a silly technicality (investigation of crimes against the Public Service Act cease once the person is no longer a public servant) that he's not in jail. Simply mocking his taste in interior decoration is letting him off easy.

aidan said...

It is well weird but.

carbonsink said...

"I think the CPRS might be about to get through" -- Buckleys!

Rudd will kill it before the election campaign to silence Abbott's "Great Big New Tax On Everything" attack. If by some miracle the CPRS passes, it will be a huge political weapon for Abbott during the election.

Australia has lost its one and only chance for sensible climate policy. Next time we have a small-l Liberal opposition leader, think twice about participating in a campaign to destroy his leadership. Think about the bigger picture instead of just scoring points for your side.

IQS said...

Smell that? Ahhh..the politics of envy. Just like a public toilet

And just what I expected from a lefty blogger.

Senexx said...

And all I noticed was how small the room was with or without the stuff in it. Typical of houses in the ACT

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