Thursday, July 24, 2008

Who did the Howard years help?

This is from the latest NATSEM AMP report out today. The incomes of Australians in the highest-income ten per cent of suburbs and towns rocketed up compared to the rest of us.

It gets better for the top ten per cent. Housing costs in their suburbs increased more slowly than they did for most of the rest of us:

...meaning that their "after housing-costs" income soared compared to everyone else.

Fortune blessed them (and lets face it, they were well-off to start with).


rhawort3 said...

Interestingly, it looks as if around about decile 5 copped it worst--wouldn't these include Howard's Battlers? They stuck to him, no matter how many refugees drowned at sea, until work choices threatened them and theirs.
Maybe a little bit of idealism and concern for others might even help your own self interest at times.

Peter said...

Howard did little for the battlers in decile 5 who repeatedly got him over the line.

But he did look after their "aspirations".

He loved the word aspirational. It meant - I am not doing anything much for you right now, but I am helping the really rich. One day that might be you.

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