Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Oh boy. Rudd's misjudged 2010 Mid winter Ball speech

"A few people have asked me, for example, what I think about David [Marr]'s analysis that I am singularly motivated by anger. I've told them to get stuffed. Each and every one of them. I am not motivated by anger, I am motivated by incandescent rage."

Eight days later he was out of the job.

Wince as you read it here:

Rudd Mid-Winter Ball Speech 2010

Let's see how Julia goes tonight.


Ralph said...

Is that for real? Surely it's a piss-take. With that sort of venom and vindictiveness, it's little wonder that he got shafted soon after. It's almost as if he hated everyone. I can see why he pissed everyone off.

Now if only he'd had the balls to act on the things that he spoke about with such rage and venom. Then it wouldn't have been so bad that he ticked everyone off. Instead, he squibbed everything, stood for nothing and got the boot. Fair result.

Anonymous said...

Why are you rehashing the totally irrelevant rantings of a rejected, left-over, psychopathic has-been?

Anonymous said...

Because there is some chatter that Rudd's positioning himself to come back in the distant future.

Anonymous said...

actually I think it is quite funny or in the classic Aussie expression taking the piss

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