Thursday, February 25, 2010

So you think you know about economics

Try the latest VCE and HSC exam papers:

2009 VCE Economics

2009 HSC Economics

Of course you know the joke about the questions in economics exam papers being the same every year - only the answers change

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djm said...

Question 5 in the VCE exam ought to set the Keynesians against the Austrians :)

Anonymous said...

Correct answers:
Q1 B
Q2 Oil embargo
Q3 cheaper commodities
Q4 B
Q5 Cranking up the printing press
Q6 Dreaming

Matt C said...

Thanks Peter. These seem far too focused on macro. Nothing much on perfect competition, market power or industrial organisation. A little bit on trade, but nothing on comparative advantage.

I would have thought testing on the basics of marginal behaviour and the importance of incentives is more important than AD-AS diagrams.

Shani said...

I teach Economics in NSW. It is very much a macro course with lots of assessing/evaluating of economic policies.

Trade is quite a focus, including comparative advantage:

By the way, my students loved the Keynes vs Hayek video.

Peter Martin said...


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