Monday, April 13, 2009

How big is one trillion?

We need to get used to this

The BBC helps out:

"A million seconds is 11 days;

A billion seconds is around 32 years;

And a trillion therefore is 32,000 years"


Anonymous said...

Another example of a trillion.

Deposit a million dollars a day into an account.

After a year the account would have 365 million dollars.

After a thousand years the account would have 365 billion dollars, ie a bit more than a third of a trillion dollars.

A this rate it would take 2740 years to accumulate a trillion dollars.

Peter Martin said...

So even if Christ had banked a million dollars (and many say he is still with us) he still wouldn't have a trillion.

Peter Parker said...

... and we'll have to get used to confusion between the British billion (a million million) and American billion (a thousand million)

I wonder which one the BBC uses, given that the American one seems to be more accepted

Peter Martin said...

The BBC uses the American billion - a thousand million - which seems to have become universal.

Peter Parker said...

And more to the point there's also American and British trillions!

Peter Martin said...

My gosh. The BBC is sticking with thousands - the accompanying graphic comes from the Beeb.

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