Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Morning campaign thoughts

This is a mop-up operation to ensure that no voter is left unbribed. Even the title gives the game away: “More support for pensioners, self-funded retirees, people with disabilities and their carers.” George Megalogenis

When a conservative government starts chucking money at pensioners, carers and the disabled, you know the government is really in trouble. Christian Kerr

I've just had a thought that will disturb the committed on both sides of the political fence: maybe with Kevin Rudd, what you see is what you get.. a younger John Howard. Ross Gittins


Phillip said...

While ones blood runs cold at the thought of Kevin Rudd becoming another Howard it does not seem likely. Howard really was an ideological creature and of ideologies from a vanishing era of Australia's history, i.e. the culture wars of the 50's and 60's. Hold your nose and look into the pages of Quadrant magazine to see more.
I agree that Rudd is in danger of overshooting. I don't think that anyone is more surprised than Labor at the extent of the current lead. It looks like that they have developed a strategy for a closer tussle than it is turning out to be.
If Rudd is less 'socialist' than traditional Labor it is because the conservative opposition largely adopted the agenda of both the Whitlam and Hawke governments leaving less to differentiate between them.
The danger as Ross Gittins states is that a Rudd government will be a creature of reactive poll driven politics.
Hope not, but we will no doubt be getting an opportunity to see.

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