Wednesday, June 23, 2010

"Put down your weapons" -- what Ken Henry actually said

Here's the audio (about 9 minutes):

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Anonymous said...

That seems very different than what you wrote the other day. Ken Henry has good grounds to be very annoyed with you.

Peter Martin said...


Anonymous said...

Your SMH piece was harder than what Henry actually said. In the meantime Gans and McKibbon have come out hard on Henry.

Peter Martin said...

Because I think it is important for people to hear the way in which Henry spoke, all of his words, and all of the question he was responding to, I went back to my tape, transformed it into a YouTube video, and put it on the web. It took me hours.

No-one else has done history such a service.

(Although PM ran extracts on the night he spoke, to which people may have also been responding)

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