Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Electoral backlash? It's hard to see one

Labor has good reason not to fear an electoral assault from the mining industry.

A Herald analysis of the 13 Labor-held seats in mining regions shows all but 4 are held by massive margins.

Cunningham taking in Wollongong, Bulli and Helensburgh is held by an impressive 17 per cent.

Labor's weakest margin in NSW is in Charlton which labor's rising star Greg Combet holds by 12.9 per cent.

Only two seats in Queensland two in Western Australia are held by less than 3 per cent.

What's also notable is how few mining workers are actually employed in those seats. In most it is fewer than 2000. And not all of them are well-disposed toward their employers. In recent years Rio and BHP have been shedding staff. In the 1990s the Gordonstone mine in Queensland used security guards and dogs to lock-out sacked workers.

Published in today's SMH   Graphic: SMH

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mOOm said...

There are far far more people with their superannuation heavily invested in mining companies. Most people with super of course.

Rationalist said...

"Mining" seats were never going to be the election winner/loser. Out of those listed, I see 4 (maybe 5) which could be in play. Labor could come undone if the Coalition can effectively convince the electorate that the implementation of the mining tax will have severe flow on effects on the economy re: jobs, wages.

Marek said...

The super companies have already come it in support of this tax, which should blunt the line from the miners that this tax is costing them their retirement savings.

Not that i trust the super companies either, it's just that a majority of people only see the headlines and don't delve deeper

Peter Martin said...

Well put.

Rationalist said...

Incompetance in government service delivery will probably have a bigger electoral impact :).

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